Using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry to Quickly Determine Whether a Substrate is Coated or Bare

Matt Linford and Team

July 2021 VT&C Digital Magazine

Functionally Engineered Materials: Low Dimensional Structures

Dr. Peter Martin

June 2021 VT&C Digital Magazine

Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Opens New Avenues for Advanced Biomedical Coatings

Dr. Megha Agrawal and Dr. Shyamasri Biswas

May 2021 VT&C Digital Magazine

Foldable Solar Cells: The Future of Solar Technology

Dr. Narendra Parmar, Dr. Ilker Bayer, Abhijit Biswas

April 2021 VT&C Digital Magazine

Programmable Silicon Photonics Circuits

Dr. Abhijit Biswas

March 2021 VT&C Digital Magazine

Guides to Vacuum Technology: Difficult Deliveries

Steve Hansen

February 2021 VT&C Digital Magazine
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Industry News

Lawrence Livermore National Lab: Scientists focus on cone targets to enhance temperature of electron beams

Intense short-pulse laser-driven production of bright high-energy sources, such as X-rays, neutrons and protons, has been shown to be an invaluable tool in the study of high energy density science. In an effort to address some of the most challenging applications, such as X-ray radiography of high areal density objects for industrial and national security applications, both the yield and energy of the sources must be increased beyond what has currently been achieved by state-of-the-art high-intensity laser systems.

Berkeley Lab: One-of-a-Kind Course Aims to Build the Bioeconomy Workforce

Jason Ryder is the first to tell you that the world is facing several crises. Most notably, we face a health crisis in the form of a global pandemic, as well as an ongoing climate crisis that threatens our environment and ecosystem. And as the world population continues to grow, we also face a food crisis as more and more people need access to better and more nutritious foods.

Alicat Scientific: Alicat Scientific announces Fast Track program

Tucson, AZ, 18 May 2021, Alicat Scientific is announcing the launch of its Fast Track program. As the pandemic continues to cause delays in shipments of raw materials and electronics packages, delivery times are increasing. To help address this issue, we are making a commitment to deliver select core product lines as quickly as possible. All Fast Track products will be built to order and shipped within 5 days. Such Fast Track eligible products include our most popular mass flow meters and controllers ranging from 200 SCCM to 100 SLPM, with multiple options for electrical connectors and communication protocols.


East Syracuse, NY, USA — May 17, 2021: On April 30, 2021 INFICON Inc., a leading supplier of vacuum instrumentation and process control software to the semiconductor manufacturing industry acquired substantially all of the assets owned or used in connection with manufacturing of Fil-Tech® crystals. INFICON is now the manufacturer and distributor of Fil-Tech quartz crystals. The addition of Fil-Tech crystals to the INFICON crystal portfolio supports the INFICON vision to supply customers in vacuum coating, semiconductor, and display markets with the largest variety and highest quality crystals. INFICON will manufacture Fil-Tech crystals from its world class facilities in Overland Park, Kansas. The plant is ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 140001 certified.

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Vacuum Technology Primer

Since 2000 Vacuum Technology & Coating Magazine has been the industry's leading source for the latest articles, news, and product and service information. Below we describe some of the terms that you will find in a typical issue of VT&C.

Vacuum Coating (Vacuum Deposition and Thin Film Deposition) is the process of depositing a film or other material atom by atom or molecule by molecule onto a surface in a low pressure environment or vacuum.

Physical Vapor Deposition or PVD refers to vacuum deposition methods which involve the material (which is being deposited) going from a condensed phase to a vapor phase and then to a thin film condensed phase. Sputtering and evaporation are common PVD processes.

Sputtering refers to a type of process used to deposit thin films and employs a plasma to bombard and eject atoms from a target source.

Evaporation refers to the heated source material being evaporated in a vacuum. Vacuum allows vapor particles to travel directly to the target object, where they condense back to a solid state. (called a Deposition Source) refers to a type of process used to deposit thin films and employs a plasma to bombard and eject atoms from the target source (called a Deposition Source).

Vacuum Hardware refers to the types of hardware and components that are used in the vacuum process. There are many types of hardware used in this process, some examples are flanges, fittings, seals, valves, and chambers.

Thin Film Metrology involves determining the optimal thickness, composition and/or condition of a coating through various techniques and mathematical calculations.

Gas Analytical Systems are used in the analysis of residual gases within a low pressure environment or vacuum.

Vacuum Pumps are devices that remove gas atoms and molecules for the purpose of leaving behind a partial vacuum. Some examples of types of vacuum pumps are rotary vane pumps, diaphragm pumps, and scroll pumps.

Every issue of VT&C includes a product showcase focused on a specific topic relevant to Vacuum Processing, please see our editorial calendar which lists the topic for each issue.